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      MASTERCapsule with EcoBoost technology: halogen capsule, 40% more energy saving than standard capsule


      Retrofit replacement for standard halogen capsules
      High energy savings
      Lower replacement costs due to longer burning hours
      Bright, sparkling white halogen light with excellent colour rendering
      Supports a green environment
      Excellent beam performance
      Lower cost of ownership compared with standard halogen capsule


      Unique Philips patented EcoBoost single-ended burner: 40% higher efficiency than standard products
      GY6.35 lamp base with single-ended low-pressure burner
      Small size
      Average lifetime up to 4x longer than standard capsule
      Low-voltage halogen light quality: sparkling, crisp light
      No mercury content
      High-performance coating for high efficiency
      Complete range equipped with Philips EcoBoost technology


      Replacement for standard capsules in most professional and semi-professional applications
      Indoor lighting (e.g. hotels, restaurants, offices)
      Enclosed fixtures required for outdoor applications
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