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      Product family information

      Low-voltage halogen reflector lamp with double-ended burner and high-purity aluminium reflector


      Glare free, well defined accent lighting with minimum amount of direct glare from the lamp
      Up to 40% lower energy costs compared to equivalent versions of this lamp, thanks to improved burner efficacy (lm/W)
      Increased comfort and (where applicable) lower cooling costs because of up to 40% lower heat transmission
      Low maintenance costs due to increased lifetime (33% higher than equivalent versions)
      Lowest UV output compared to other versions of this lamps, reducing fading risks to absolute minimum


      Unique infra-red coated burner technology
      Revolutionary compact, precision burner for maximum performance of the infra-red reflecting coating
      Ceramic filament shield reduces glare and improves beam shape
      Flat profile, very tight beam pattern and excellent glare control
      G53 socket and screw or tab terminals for direct wire connection with mating eyelet or receptacle
      UV block quartz glass


      Excellent light source for general lighting and especially creative accent lighting in shops, restautants, hotels, and especially for galleries, exhibitions and museums
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