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MASTER TL5 High Output Xtra

MASTER TL5 High Output Xtra

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Low-pressure high-output mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 16 mm envelope


Compact lamp with high lumen package
Longer lifetime and fewer early failures mean lower maintenance costs and facilitate change from spot to group replacement
Less waste and disposal cost at end-of-life
Allow system miniaturization with maximum luminaire design freedom
Optimized for installations which need high luminous flux
Excellent lumen maintenance
Good colour rendering


Significant reduction of early failures through advanced long life technology
Extra long lifetime and high reliability
Designed for high lumen output and system miniaturization (40% thinner than TL-D lamps)
Highly efficient 3-band fluorescent coating in combination with precoating
Specifically designed for operation with electronic gear
Maximum lumen output reached at approx. 35 °C in free-burning position
Can be ignited from -15 ° to +50 °C
Low mercury dose
End-cap has an x-shaped green bottom plate to distinguish the lamp from other fluorescent lamps


Can be used with TL5 electronic gear
Longest lifetime is achieved with Philips HF Xtreme gear


Where maintenance costs are high, e.g. high ceilings or other hard-to-reach locations
Department stores, supermarkets, warehouses, production halls and public areas like car parks and railway stations
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