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MASTERColour CDM-T Elite

MASTERColour CDM-T Elite

Product family information

Single-ended, high-efficiency Ceramic Metal Halide discharge lamp


Outstanding rendering of displayed merchandise due to high colour rendering (Ra 90) in combination with high lumen output; best offer in the market for ‘enhancing merchandize’
Excellent colour quality, which remains stable over lifetime
Light output over lifetime maintains display brightness
High efficacy and long lifetime for lowest operating costs and low heat generation
Relatively low heat generation enhances comfort for shoppers and staff
UV Block for reduced fading risk of merchandise


Crisp white light
Excellent colour rendering (Ra 90)
Reliable lifetime performance
Stable colour performance during lifetime
Increased light output compared with regular MASTERColour lamps
Improved maintenance compared with regular MASTERColour lamps
Burning position for
CDM Elite-T 35W: vertical +/- 60 degrees
CDM Elite-T 70W: universal


Accent and display lighting with a sparkling effect, excellent solution for Retail
Decorative outdoor floodlighting
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