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MASTER PL-T Xtra 4 Pin

MASTER PL-T Xtra 4 Pin

Product family information

Energy saving compact fluorescent lampCompact long-arc low-pressure mercury discharge lampEnvelope consists of 6 parallel narrow fluorescent tubes


Extra long life
Longer lifetime and less early failures lead to less hassle and lower maintenance costs and facilitate the change from spot to group replacement
Optimal light performance for long operation per switch on
More light (about 15% more) per light point than common


4-pin base without glow switch starter and capacitor
Fast light run up under all circumstances
Philips invented bridge technology applied
Significant reduction of early failures
Extra long and reliable lifetime


Designed for general or supplementary lighting in professional and semi-professional environments
Ideal for use in recessed or surface mounted downlighters, wall units, outdoor lighting
Suitable for use in applications where maintenance costs are high (high ceilings, difficult to reach): department stores, supermarkets, warehouses, production halls and public areas
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