Green Flagship product as best environmental choice in the energy saving lamps portfolio

MASTER PL-Electronic

MASTER PL-Electronic

Product family information

Non-covered energy-saving MASTER lamps - the perfect choice for end users who demand the best performance and reliability. With a wide product range with different wattages, it offers comprehensive choices to suit different usages and applications.


Highest energy efficiency resulting in one-fifth the energy consumption of an incandescent lamp for the same light output
Smallest dimensions ensuring optimal physical fit
Highest reliability throughout life which is especially beneficial where lighting is required for longer periods of time and/or where lamp replacement is difficult
The unique bridged burner results in an excellent run-up time with very high initial light output and better thermal performance
Green Flagship product as best environmental choice in the CFL portfolio
Lifetime independent of switching on-off
Lowest total cost of ownership


Lightweight, superior long-life alternative to incandescent lamps
The perfect choice for end users that demand the best performance and reliability
Average lifetime 15 times longer than an incandescent lamp
European energy efficiency labelling class A for the complete range
Very good lumen maintenance throughout the lifetime of the lamp
Complete range equipped with the unique Philips bridged burner technology (Mercury)
Very low mercury content (≤2 mg)


Designed to replace incandescent lamps in most professional and semi- professional applications
Mainly indoor (e.g. hotels, restaurants, offices)
For outdoor applications 3 types (15, 20, 23W) will remain available also in Amalgam with the benefit of virtually constant light output (>90%) over the recommended temperature
Enclosed fixtures are required for outdoor applications
Suitable for emergency lighting with DC supply
Not suitable for dimming and electronic devices
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