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Softone ESaver Candle

Softone ESaver Candle

    Product family information

    Standard energy-saving lamps in the shape of an incandescent candle lamp


    Light quality and distribution similar to the opalised incandescent lamps
    Gives a soft, diffuse light with a high comfort level


    Long average lifetime compared to a standard incandescent lamp
    Almost instant, flicker-free start (<1 s)
    Light output after 1 minute 95%
    Recommended ambient temperature range to ensure almost constant light output (>90%): between +10°C and +45°C
    Flawless ignition at -20°C and up.


    Designed for replacement of incandescent candle lamps in consumer applications
    Especially for applications where lamps is visible
    Enclosed fixtures are required for outdoor applications
    Not suitable for dimming and electronic devices
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