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Extremely compact covered energy-saving lamp that produces soft white light


Pleasant “Softone” light effect
Shape and size similar to Softone incandescent bulb
Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard incandescent lamps (European energy efficiency labeling class A)


Long-life and energy saving alternative to incandescent lamps
Fast run-up: Light output after 1 minute 80%
Recommended ambient temperature range to ensure almost constant light output (>90%): between +10°C and +45°C
Flawless ignition at -20°C and up.


Ideal for use in most consumer and semi-professional applications where you want to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere
Ideal replacement for incandescent lamps in places where lights burn for longer periods and where good light effect is important
Especially suitable for applications where lamp replacement is difficult
Closed fixtures are required for outdoor applications
Not suitable for dimming and electronic devices
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