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Outdoor Lighting Application Centre

When it comes to lighting, seeing is believing. So we created the Outdoor Lighting Application Centre (OLAC) to show you the possibilities with lighting and also show what it can offer beyond illumination, how it can increase safety, improve livability and be integrated with other infrastructures. It’s an interactive demonstration centre that shows you what can be achieved in outdoor applications.

Innovation centres

OLAC goes beyond simply being an immersive experience that shows the value of light. It makes the benefits more tangible, and reveals how the Internet of Things is taking lighting to a whole new level. It shows visitors what you can really do with lights, in terms of possibilities as well as results.

OLAC is accessible for everyone

Watch the video to see what have in the OLAC, and share and listen to the experiences of people like you who have visited. For those who are new to lighting and wish to learn, it’s the perfect way to see what light can do in the outdoor world. And for more experienced visitors, it’s a marvelous testing ground with a unique ability to show innovations and trigger new discussions. Watch the video to get an impression about what we have to show in the OLAC.

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