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The power behind the picture

Good lamp operation is crucial in projection applications, so UHP systems are always designed together with our partners as a combined solution. This unique approach enables coordinated lamp and driver development, resulting in innovative and reliable lighting solutions. Additional benefits are a faster time to market and extensive system release testing during development, providing high quality and proven long life. We consider our challenge as continuously finding new and creative solutions as well as improving the unique product features and benefits of our UHP lamps. Within this challenge, Philips Lighting strives for continuous innovation and further product improvement to maintain its leadership in the market for digital projection.


An overview of customer benefits using UHP technology:


Longest Lifetime

Due to the fact that Philips applies an integrated approach regarding the development of both lamp and driver, Philips Lighting is able to offer reliable and long life lighting solutions for every projection application.


Reliable Lamp Systems with longest lifetime
Best maintenance and a perfectly stable color spectrum throughout its lifetime


Guaranteed System Reliability
Philips DPL has developed a low voltage UV-Enhancer/Antenna ignition technology. This technology enables


Increased Ignition Reliability
Smaller, Cost Effective design for electronics possible
Lamp ignition at much lower voltage
Environmental friendly solution (no radio active ignition materials)
Less complicated design in for set (no high voltage insulation and cables needed)


Outstanding Brightness
Continuous development enables Philips Lighting to offer ultra short arc lighting solutions in combination with very high pressure.


Optimal Color Spectrum
Highest Efficiency on System Level


Stable Picture Quality
UHP drivers have the unique ability to control the discharge arc by pulse current operation.


Perfect, stable picture quality over lifetime
Flatter-free image


Most Intelligent & Efficient Operation
Philips DPL offers advanced drivers with UART technology. This technology enables communication on system level, which offers the following end user benefits;


Minimum Acoustical Noise
20% Better Contrast
Lamp Replacement Warning
More Light through Improved Efficiency


UHP BackMirror Lamp technology, combined with the UHP Microbar driver electronics represent a major revolution in system minituarization. The UHP BackMirror lamp technology uses a UHP burner with a dichroic coating on the burner to reflect back light towards the miniaturized reflector rather than being lost.


Smallest and lightest projector design possible for personal and mobile use, keeping the optical and brightness efficiency