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The unique direct upgrade for QMH lamps

The new MASTERColour CDM MW eco offers a unique direct upgrade for quartz metal halide lamps. It can be used in a wide number of installations such as high bay lighting applications in industry, retail and transport, as well as area and floodlighting for sports buildings.
MasterColour CDM MW eco
  • MASTERColour CDM MW Eco
    MASTERColour CDM MW Eco
    Ceramic metal halide lamps with clear tubular or coated ellipsoid outer bulb, tailor-made to replace and outperform quartz metal halide lamps on existing gear.
    • Direct retrofit for various quartz metal halide lamps, operates on existing control gear (Mercury and HPS)
    • Lowest total cost of ownership when relamping due to energy savings and long service life as a result of high lumen maintenance