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    Lighting built
    on quality

    The importance of quality lighting

    Our high-quality, research-proven lighting can enhance the way that people feel and behave in a wide variety of settings - from offices and retail stores to warehouses and factories. So you can promise added value lighting solutions that will deliver tangible results for your customers.
    Quality and you

    What quality lighting means for you

    Task-based lighting

    Task-based lighting


    We know that lighting has a positive effect on people. It’s this insight, combined with our technology know-how, that enables our LED components to enhance well-being, visual comfort and performance.

    Counteract TLAs

    Counteract TLAs


    Our components are engineered to eliminate the negative effects of Temporal Light Artefacts (TLAs). They’re also optimized to provide light this is free from flickering or stroboscopic effects that can cause eye strain.

    Proven through research

    Proven through research


    In-depth research has found that our dedicated light recipes provide visual and biological benets, from energizing an inspiring colleagues, t improving the perceived value and shelf-life of supermarket product.

    Mapped to standards

    Mapped to standards


    Our internal, evidence-based classification system identifies products that meet our Human Centric Lighting standards, so we know they will help people see, feel and perform better.

    What's new?

    • Ready to deliver smart city sensor networks?

      Ready to deliver smart city sensor networks?

      On light poles around the world, a readymade smart city infrastructure is springing up. As cities upgrade to connected street lighting, they’re exploring how they can use this infrastructure to improve traffic, save energy and keep people safe.

    • How do open APIs drive innovation in lighting

      How do open APIs drive innovation in lighting

      Watch Peter Duine and Hans Nikol discuss how developers can use open application programming interfaces (APIs) to reach into lights and switch on new functionality, driving an explosion of innovation.

    • The power of an open API

      The power of an open API

      Commercial lighting is poised for an explosion of innovation now we have open APIs and the Sensor Ready standard.

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