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Quality and you

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. You benefit from superior-quality OEM solutions that create brilliant ambiances, are ultra-reliable, and guarantee compatibility with the world of connected components. So you stay ahead of the competition.
Quality and you

Six qualities that set our components apart

Quality lighting subpage

Quality lighting

Discover how our unique LED components and lighting recipes can energize and inspire, improve the shelf-life and value of goods and boost performance in working environments.
Quality assurance subpage

Quality assurance

From robust parts and components to rigorous, Advanced Life Testing, our solutions offer you complete peace of mind that they will perform in even the most demanding conditions.
Quality innovation subpage

Quality innovation

Our multi-million-dollar research and development program will help you be first to market with innovative lighting solutions that set new benchmarks in systems and components.
Quality people subpage

Quality people

We are always on hand to support your success with designers, technical experts, engineers and consultants who can help you maximize every market opportunity.
Quality support subpage

Quality support


We have the right OEM design, configuration, operational and support tools to ensure that quality and reliability shine through your entire portfolio.

Quality leadership subpage

Quality leadership

Our global standards will guarantee your designs are compliant, compatible and easy to upgrade with safety-tested components that will never disappoint your customers.

What's new?

  • Human-centric lighting: what is it and why does it matter?

    Human-centric lighting: what is it and why does it matter?

    Watch Peter Duine and Agnieszka Kudyba discuss the emerging field of human-centric lighting.

  • Human-centric lighting

    Human-centric lighting

    the SR standard now includes a standardized protocol for tunable white light, allowing it to be controlled wirelessly.

  • Sensor-Ready (SR) driving the (r)evolution of DALI into the IoT

    Sensor-Ready (SR) driving the (r)evolution of DALI into the IoT

    DALI drivers report data and make it easier to turn luminaires into communication nodes. Find out how it works.