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High-end performance drivers

Xitanium LED Xtreme LITE programmable driver

Philips Xitanium LED LITE programmable drivers are value engineered to deliver a carefully selected feature set and high-end performance, making it a preferred choice for many outdoor applications. They support either a 1-10V or LineSwitch interface, a flexible luminaire design with adjustable lumen setting, a simplified compensation for lumen depreciation via CLO LITE, and a basic 1-step DynaDimmer. LITE programmable drivers are for OEMs looking for standard, flexible LED drivers that do not compromise on quality.

Philips OEM Xtreme drivers Light Prog

Key benefits

  • Wide programmable operating windows up to 1 A
  • Push-in connectors for easy and automatic assembly
  • Multiple external and stand-alone control options; LineSwitch, LumiStep, and many more

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