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Maximum protection

Philips Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Rapidly increasing acceptance of LED-based light sources for outdoor applications brings with it new challenges on system durability. In order to ensure the lifetime of the solution, it is vital to protect it against surges on the mains line. Applications on high poles or open field such as road and area lighting. The new generation Surge Protection Device from Philips are offering a reliable solution for protecting all outdoor systems from excessive surge voltages. The Philips Surge Protection Device (SPD) is the ideal solution to the maximize protect LED systems in Outdoor lighting. The SPD clamps the voltage at the terminals of the luminaire, protecting the complete system against multiple nominal surges of up to 10 kV / 5 kA. For maximum-level of protection, the SPD can withstand a single hit of 10 kV / 10 kA. The device even eliminates the need for all luminaire internal components – wires, connectors, wire nuts, etc. – to be designed to withstand 10 kV. The product can be used in any new or existing lighting solution, regardless of technology.

The Surge Protection Device is specifically designed for use in outdoor luminaires. The product delivers a long-lasting solution with robust protection against a wide range of temperatures, moisture and vibrations. When used in combination with Xitanium LED drivers, the system benefits from Xtreme protection against lighting strikes.

Philips OEM Philips Surge Protection

Key benefits

  • Maximize the lifetime value of outdoor lighting systems
  • No down-time due to calamities (storms, lightning strikes, etc.)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easy to apply in new or existing installations
  • Peace of mind on product performance

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