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Point sources spotlighting

Point Sources Spotlighting Products


Retailers want to show their merchandise in the best possible light, and luminaire manufacturers are keen to help them do so. Now, a new range of spotlight modules expands the possibilities, giving manufacturers the flexibility to provide a much wider choice of retail-specific lighting.

Key benefits

  • Unparalleled rendering of rich colors and whites
  • Flexibility to optimize luminaire performance lm/W or high lm output)
  • No special cable needed Reset on drivers
  • Small LES sizes for optimized luminaire design
  • State of the art Chip-on-Board (CoB) technology, enabling highest system efficacy
  • Extended Tc up to 95 °C
  • Range covers 1100 to 4500 lm
  • Available in colors 827, 830, 840, 927 and 930

Products in this family

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