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Maximum flexibility

Fortimo LED DLM Flex


Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints


Being the trend setter in high performance LED downlighting with the Fortimo DLM range, we now introduce the new Fortimo LED DLM Flex family, to unlock design constraints, by offering maximum flexibility. Fortimo LED DLM Flex will not only help shape future luminaire designs, it can also take care of your current designs.

Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
Fortimo LED DLM Flex

Key benefits

  • Use of light source in different forms for different luminaire requirements
  • Wider driver choice
  • Best in class lumen maintenance performance
  • Flexibility to tune towards highest efficacy or highest lumen output by different Rset choice
  • Increased Tc enabling smaller heatsink use
  • Push in connectors for easy wiring
  • White diffuser

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