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Point sources downlight

Point Sources Downlight Solutions


Our objective is to offer downlighting solutions for office, retail and hospitality areas, offering high quality light, low glare and with a high level of flexibility. Our portfolio is not only focusing on application requirements but also taking care of the needs of stakeholders in total value chain.

Fortimo LED DLM Flex

Key benfits

  • Fortimo DLM Flex is unique choice for two box applications that meets requirements of performance needs
  • Integrated portfolio provides easy design possibilities with different integration levels
  • With integrated driver, Fortimo Twistable and LED Disk give optimum performance for project needs while ensuring easy design in
  • CertaFlux DL-S provides high level of integration including heatsink function which mainly focuses on quick luminaire design and shortest market introduction time with good enough specs

Products in this family

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