Office and industry lighting

Philips OEM Xitanium Linear Office & Industry LED drivers

Xitanium linear LED driver for Office & Industries

Xitanium Linear LED drivers are designed to operate LED solutions for general lighting applications in linear office and industry lighting.

Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints

Key benefits

  • Non-isolated and isolated drivers to support HV and LV linear office systems
  • HV systems for highest efficiency, lowest cost and smallest dimensions
  • LV systems for simpler approval process and ease of design in
  • Power ratings: 17 W, 36 W, 75 W, 110 & 150W
  • All T5 form factor but various lengths
  • Dimmable/programmable, Rset (1-10 V and fixed output) and fixed current/fixed output versions
  • Extra robust LED drivers for industry applications. With longer lifetime, wider temperature range and improved surge & burst specifications
  • Unique AM dimming (TD drivers) for flicker and noise free dimming
  • Low ripple output current for camera and scanner friendly performance

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