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Philips MultiOne Configurator


A smart system that enables configuration of the different functions in multiple lighting devices.

The Philips MultiOne configurator is a universal flexible tool, consisting of hard- and software, that can be used to configure all programmable Philips devices. Drivers have become more intelligent. More control options are now being integrated into the drivers and late stage configuring is therefore a necessity to limit complexity. The Philips MultiOne Configurator is the most flexible tool to program a luminaire, test it, configure it automatically in production, read out its status, do a quality analysis and upgrade it in the field.
Philips OEM MultiOne Configurator
Before installing the MultiOne Engineering, be sure that you have already a User Software Key activated on your PC or laptop . If not, you can request this User Software Key via the link below or via your local sales department. After receiving the key, you will be able to access this new software upgrade. If you had already a User Software Key, no key needs to be requested. The first Engineering version with key was MultiOne Engineering 2.7

Configuration tools

Philips OEM MultiOne DALI interface


MultiOne DALI interface

Jordan Luxar GmbH & Co. KG
Jordan Luxar GmbH & Co. KG
Jordan Luxar GmbH & Co. KG
Jordan Luxar GmbH & Co. KG

Philips OEM MultiOne Zigbee interface


MultiOne Zigbee interface


MultiOne SimpleSet interface

Configuration software (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Philips OEM MultiOne Engineering


MultiOne Engineering 3.9.1

Philips OEM MultiOne Workflow


MultiOne Workflow 3.9.1

Download now

Via My Technology Portal

To have the optimal upgrades and support, you need to download MultiOne Basic  via the My Technology Portal.


Log in to the My Technology Portal:

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  • Select EMEA, if you can't find your region
Need more help, check the manual of MultiOne Basic or contact you local sales support.
multione basic


MultiOne Basic 1.0