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Brilliant optical control

Fortimo FastFlex LED Gen3


Flexible system design and brilliant optical control


Being The Fortimo FastFlex LED Gen3 proposition consists of two main product groups.
First, the standard Fortimo FastFlex Gen3 (2x8 and 2x4 forms factors), which is a LED lighting system containing two key building blocks - a LED board and a FastFlex lens, suitable for operation on Xitanium LED outdoor programmable drivers.
Secondly, the Fortimo FastFlex Differentiation Family Gen3, consisting of a Differentiation Array (DA) version and a Differentiation Single (DS) version. These LED boards are developed to operate with third party lenses and are suitable for operation on Xitanium LED outdoor programmable drivers.


3rd party lenses enabling the exceptional optical flexibility of the Fortimo FastFlex Gen3  

Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
Philips OEM FastFlex Outdoor modules

Key benefits

  • Enables OEM optical differentiation with lenses from standard FastFlex and third party portfolios matching every project’s needs
  • Unparalleled lumen per watt for outstanding fixture performance
  • Designed for fixture optimization in terms of module temperature and drive current setting Vs lifetime and lumen depreciation target

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