New released indoor drivers

Xitanium LED Point Drivers


Xitanium 50W/m 0.7-1.5A 48V 230V
The Xitanium “mini” drivers are the smallest Xitanium indoor spot and down light LED drivers available. The PrimaVision-mini based form factor makes these drivers ideal for track spot applications.


Earlier this year (Q1), a 20W and 36W version where released. This portfolio is now extended with a 50W operating window, compatible with 3000-4500lm chip on board LED modules (Fortimo SLM Gen 4 & third party CoB technology).All connections can be made via push-in connectors on the driver (mains, LED power, Rset).


Offering 50W in this very small housing results in a high power density which requires optimal thermal management in the luminaire. The Philips design-in team is available to offer design-in support when needed.

Philips OEM Xitanium point drivers

Availability and ordering information


Full availability from wk2/2015 onwards


For more information, please contact your key account manager.

Ordering information


Timing date: December 19th, 2014







Xitanium 50W/m 0.7-1.5A 48V 230V