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New released indoor drivers

Xitanium linear 36W & 75W fixed output drivers


New improved specifications will re-vitalize these LED drivers to be prepared for the high volume growth we expect in the coming years.
These isolated fixed output LED drivers feature the new LED module LED driver interface LEDset. Miniaturization is addressed with shorter length (both drivers now 360mm) and a lower height of ‘real 21mm’ (now also for isolated LED drivers!) to be conform market standard.
Last but not least the ripple current is reduced to 4% to make these LED drivers robust against visible interference with cameras and scanners.

Philips OEM Xitanium linear 36W & 75W fixed output drivers

Availability and ordering information


Due to delay of this CR of this project and strong increase of demand on isolated fixed output LED drivers we will apply allocation process right after CR next week. Production is started this week but we will not be able to follow the increased demand. Forecasted volumes will get priority in the allocation process, so ensure the right forecasts for your sales opportunities.


For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information


Timing date: WK 24 & 25




9290 009 58706

8718696 468876 00

Xitanium 36W 0.3-1A 54V 230V

9290 009 58806

8718696 468890 00

Xitanium 75W 0.7-2A 54V 230V