New released
indoor drivers

Xitanium 100W 150W iXt TD non-isolated LED linear drivers


Most important specifications include:

  • New Simpleset technology for simple, fast & wireless configuration
  • New operating windows2.0 optimized for best LED technology for Office & Industry applications
  • Glow-in-the-dark2.0 is a patented solution to block glow effect for longer length metal core PCB’s (up to 6m)
  • Low ripple2.0 (low & high frequencies) for camera & scanner friendly operation
  • Xitanium iXt LED linear drivers are characterized by their longer life time, better surge and temperature specifications. Remind that recently we improved the temperature reach to -40°C.
Xitanium 100W  150W iXt TD non-isolated LED linear drivers

Availabilty information


These Xitanium LED linear drivers are released as Make To Stock (MTS) products and are available now.

For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information

Timing date: 29 July 2016




9290 015 16406
8718696 581254 00
Xitanium 100W 0.15-0.5A 300V iXt TD 230V
9290 015 16506
8718696 581230 00
Xitanium 150W 0.2-0.7A 300V iXt TD 230V