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Xitanium 32W/m 0.7A 46V SC 230V LED Driver


The 32W Single Current driver is the first member of the single current proposition which follows the miniaturization trend in Mini housing.
The driver offers all benefits of Xitanium brandand enables high efficiency and speed in luminaire manufacturing thanks to preset output current. Carefully defined specifications make the driver a good choice for the major CoB types in the market.By combining with available strain relief blocks, the driver can also be used as an independent driver.


Availabilty information


During the ramp up period goods flow needs to be coordinated with demand / supply planners. W32 onwards the availability is expected to be in line with demand plans.


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Ordering information

Timing date: 25 June 2016




Xitanium 32W/m 0.7A 46V SC 230V