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Xitanium FULL Prog Xtreme LED Drivers


The Philips Xitanium FULL Prog drivers are designed for maximum flexibility, making it the preferred choice for customers who want to make their luminaires suitable for multiple applications without increasing logistic complexity.


The new 165W drivers in compact C170 housing are complementary to the 150W drivers in the Stretched S240. Reason for this is the decrease size of luminaires.


The Philips well-known features such as the 5-step DynaDimmer, Constant Light Output, Module Temperature Protection, DC operation for centralized emergency system and more are all implemented.

Furthermore two new features will be introduced, one is Mains Guard to protect the luminaires against under voltage and the second feature is OEM Write Prevention to protect luminaires against un-authorized changes.


As interfacing for group control, customers can choose from the easy to use LineSwitch and AmpDim (mains dimming). Via the digital DALI interface these drivers can be used in combination with sophisticated management systems.


Configuration has never been easier due to the integrated SimpleSet® feature, a fast and wireless way to change and read-out settings without mains connection.

Xi FP 165W 0.2-0.7A SNLDAE C170 230V sXt

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Xi FP 165W 0.2-0.7A SNLDAE 230V C170 sXt
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