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Xitanium FULL Programmable

Philips Xitanium FULL Prog drivers are designed for maximum flexibility, making it a preferred choice for customers who want to make their luminaires suitable for multiple applications.

The new 35/70/110W driver are designed in the Compact C150 housing. These drivers are complementary to the existing Xtreme drivers and the LITE Prog sXt drivers in this housing. Features such DALI, LineSwitch, 5-step Dynadimmer and Constant Light Output are supported.

These drivers can be used in both Class-I and Class-II luminaires.

Real time control, diagnostics and configuration of these programmable drivers can be done via the DALI input and the MultiOne software.

Xitanium FULL Prog drivers - Availability information


The products are released based on a make-to-stock (MTS) principle. Forecasted orders can be delivered from stock within standard lead time.


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Xi FP 35W 0.3-1.0A NLD 230V C150 sXt

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Xi FP 70W 0.3-1.0A NLD 230V C150 sXt


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Xi FP 110W 0.3-1.0A NLD 230V C150 sXt