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Xitanium 36W WH TD Driver


The new 36W TD driver is the first member of WH DALI family which is mainly designed for downlight application needs. 36W WH TD driver is having an optimized strain relief compartment for quick and easy wiring and also with integrated loop through function, enabling to achieve savings during the installation.Thanks to stretched output voltage window up to 54V, new DALI driver is able to support the modules that require higher voltage. Although the design is mainly based on Independent use requirements, however with removal of strain relief compartments, the driver can also be used as a ā€œ/sā€ driver which can address to certain track luminaires.


Xitanium 36W WH TD Driver - Availability information


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Xitanium 36W WH 0.3-1A 54V TD/Is 230V