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New released indoor drivers

Xitanium LED drivers - 110W & 150W iXt

To make these robust designed industry LED drivers even more robust and easy to use we improved the specifications.T ambient is decreased from -35°C to -40°C to open up sales opportunities of cold storage applications.

The ease of use is enhanced by modifying the default dim level to 1% (was 10%). This to avoid that OEMs have to reprogram the drivers in case they want to use them for office applications.

Philips OEM Xitanium linear 36W and 75W fixed output drivers

Availability and ordering information


We have applied a running change from old to new LED drivers. Meanwhile almost old stock has been sold and we will start delivering these drivers with the new improved specifications. The new drivers can be recognized by a different SKU number (on the outerbox):

- Xitanium 110W 0.2-0.6A 215V TD 230V iXt – SKU 101223383

- Xitanium 150W 0.2-0.7A 300V TD 230V iXt – SKU 101223384

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Ordering information  


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Timing date: 3 March 2015




9290 008 77306

8718291 736295 00

Xitanium 110W 0.2-0.6A 215V TD 230V iXt

9290 008 93306

8718291 768265 00

Xitanium 150W 0.2-0.7A 300V TD 230V iXt