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Xitanium 100W FO ‘max. 250V’ (non-iso/HV) Linear LED driver + SimpleSet

These ‘max. 250V’ LED linear drivers are specially designed to avoid creepage and clearance issues at OEMs that produce own, slim L2 boards.

Most important specifications include:

• New Simpleset technology for simple, fast & wireless configuration 

• New operating windows2.0 optimized for best LED technology for Office & Industry applications

• Low ripple2.0 (low & high frequencies) for camera & scanner friendly operation

• Improved housing design (derived from real 21mm project) & connector approach

Xitanium 100W FO ‘max. 250V’ (non-iso/HV) Linear LED driver + SimpleSet

Availabilty information


These Xitanium LED linear drivers are released as Make To Stock (MTS) products and are available now

For more information, please contact your key account manager

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Timing date: 19 August 2016




Xitanium 100W 0.25-0.7A 220V S 230V