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New MultiOne updates

MultiOne Workflow 3.1


We are pleased to announce the commercial release of the: MultiOne Workflow 3.1


This software is the follow up of the external released MultiOne  Workflow 3.0


This software consist of 2 different interface packages:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Command Line (CLI)
and is specific developed for easy configuration in production.
MultiOne Workflow 3.1

In this release the following items will be changed (compared to the previous version – Workflow 3.0):

  • support for the same devices as MultiOne 3.1
  • support for different languages :
> Chinese
> German
> Spanish
  • NFC writing mechanism
  • Show active feature configuration on screen
  • Support for Windows 10 (improved)
  • Software bug fixes for various items
> The MultiOne team stopped supporting Xp systems starting from 2016.
> Users that want to use the OWP feature in their DALI drivers are required to upgrade to MultiOne Workflow version 3.1.
User Software Key:
No User Software Key is needed for MultiOne Workflow

Availability information

The software is available on our MultiOne Configurator website.
You can free download our MultiOne Workflow 3.1

The hardware interface tools can be ordered (see order information) – FEIG is the complementary partner for SimpleSet tooling

For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information





8718291 209461 00
LCN8600/00 MultiOne interface USB2DALI


8718291 747659 00
LCN8650/10 MultiOne interface USB2ZigBee


LCN9610 MultiOne SimpleSet interface


LCN9620 MultiOne SimpleSet interface


LCN9630 MultiOne SimpleSet interface
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