New MultiOne

MultiOne Workflow 2.3

This software is the follow up of the external released MultiOne Workflow 2.2.1

This software consist of 2 different interface packages

- Graphical User Interface (GUI)

- Command Line (CLI)and is specific developed for easy configuration in production.

Philips OEM MultiOne Workflow

In this release the following items will be changed (compared to the previous version)


- Support for the same devices as used in MultiOne Engineering 2.10

- Added option to perform

  • DALI reset after configuring
  • Reset short address

- Improved barcode reading : scanning of the feature file, custom fields and batch size

- Improved Label printing

  • Added unique ID of the driver
  • Added sequence number of the batch


Operating System:

The minimum system requirements are the same as previous software version.

Attention :

-  Use of MultiOne with Operating system Windows 10 is not released yet.

-  MultiOne stops supporting Xp systems starting from Q1/2016.


We advise the customer to prepare for phasing out the Windows Xp systems.

User Software Key:

No User Software Key is needed for MultiOne Workflow 2.3

MultiOne Workflow 2.3 - Availability information


The software is available on our MultiOne Configurator website

You can free download our MultiOne Workflow 2.3.
The hardware tool can be ordered (see order information) – FEIG is the complementary partner for SimpleSet tooling


For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information

Supplier Philips



Timing (date)


LCN8600/00 MultiOne interface USB2DALI


LCN8650/10 MultiOne interface USB2ZigBee


Contact you local sales representative for more information
LCN9600 MultiOne SimpleSet® interface


Supplier FEIG



Timing (date)

9290 009 99400

LCN9610 MultiOne SimpleSet® interface


9290 009 99500
LCN9620 MultiOne SimpleSet® interface


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