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MASTERColour CDM-Tm Evolution Mini GU6.5 35W


In 2011, CDM-Tm Mini GU6.5 came out with Elite properties including CRI = 90, crisp white sparkling light, longer lifetime and higher lumen maintenance.


CDM Evolution technology makes it possible to achieve up to 120 lm/W lamp efficacy and 20.000 hrs lifetime!


In addition to the MASTERColour CDM-Tm Evolution Mini GU6.5 20W/930 lamp which was launched in 2013, we now proudly introduce the 35W version. It combines superior light quality and TCO performance within the standardised GU6.5 lamp foot (IEC 61167).

Philips OEM MASTERColour CDM-Tm Evolution

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MASTERColour CDM-Tm Evolution Mini 35W/930 GU6.5 OEM