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New OLED releases

Lumiblade OLED Panel BRITE FL300 L


With the Brite FL300 L Lumiblade is introducing yet another member to its Brite family of functional OLEDs. This time, size does matter as the FL300 L is opening new possibilities due to its form factor. The rectangular OLED (approx. 6.3 x 24 cm) provides 300 lumen and an efficiency of 50 lumen per watt and is the ideal OLED for all applications where the homogenous light needs to be distributed over a larger area or where the design calls for a slim shape of the OLED.


The Brite FL300 L is available in two integration levels and two different finishes. The FL300 L ww is the world’s brightest commercially available rectangular OLED panel and the FL300 L wm combines brightness with highly decorative mirror appearance.

Philips OEM Lumiblade OLED Panel

Lumiblade OLED Panel - Availability information

These products can be ordered and will be delivered from the central warehouse (PE01) starting 1st of October 2015. All orders before 1st of October 2015 will be handled directly from the plant (AH01).


For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information


Timing date: 21 August 2015






OLED Panel Brite FL300 L ww N w/o Rset



OLED Panel Brite FL300 L wm N w/o Rset

Timing date: 25 September 2015






OLED Panel Brite FL300 L ww A0



OLED Panel Brite FL300 L wm A0

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