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New released outdoor

Fortimo LED linear light module (LLM) Gen 4


The Fortimo LLM Gen 4 is the latest version of this successful outdoor module.


The generation 4 brings an improved efficacy, yet keeps its distinctive high quality and comfortable type of light, enabling fixtures equipped with this range of products to stand out against competition.


This new iteration of the LLM is fully backwards compatible with fixtures designed for any of the previous generations.

Philips OEM Fortimo LED LLM

Availability and ordering information


For more information, please contact your key account manager.

Ordering information


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Timing date: February 20ᵗʰ  2015





9290 009 41406


Fortimo LED LLM 1100/730 9W Gen4

9290 009 41506


Fortimo LED LLM 1100/740 8W Gen4

9290 009 41606


Fortimo LED LLM 1800/730 16W Gen4

9290 009 41706


Fortimo LED LLM 1800/740 15W Gen4

9290 009 41806


Fortimo LED LLM 3000/730 26W Gen4

9290 009 41906


Fortimo LED LLM 3000/740 24W Gen4

9290 009 42006


Fortimo LED LLM 4500/730 39W Gen4

9290 009 42106


Fortimo LED LLM 4500/740 36W Gen4

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