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CertaFlux LLS EaseSelect

CertaFlux LLS EaseSelect is Philips’ first linear driver-on-board solution, light engines and corresponding drivers in one! Having an integrated driver enables an easy design-in and exchange, while speeding up the assembly process and thus lower cost for the OEM. Target customers are OEMs with focus on the entry/trade segment of the market, especially for waterproof applications.

CertaFlux LLS EaseSelect has a light output of 4500lm or 6750lm, 1150mm (2 x 575mm) and 1450mm (2 x 725mm) HV design, with integrated single current driver. Fully focused on the runner types for waterproof applications.

Certaflux LLS

CertaFlux LLS EaseSelect - Availability information


We will produce CertaFlux LLS EaseSelect on a make-to-order (MTO) and a make-to-stock (MTS) principle. For un-forecasted orders, lead times may be up to 8 weeks. For forecasted orders (MTO) a lead time of up to 4 weeks applies, forecasted orders (MTS) will be delivered from stock within standard lead time.


For more information, please contact your key account manager.

Ordering information


Timing Date: 18th of December




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87186965 28358 00

CertaFlux LLS ES 1150mm 4500lm 840 HV1

929000 9998 06

87186965 26118 00

CertaFlux LLS ES 1450mm 4500lm 840 HV1

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87186965 26132 00

CertaFlux LLS ES 1450mm 6750lm 840 HV1