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CertaFlux LED Square


CertaFlux LED systems are designed to enable LED luminaires for high volume markets. While further improving the specification of our Fortimo range, we focus on offering the most cost efficient solution with our CertaFlux range.


CertaFlux LED Square systems are ideal for office applications where the luminaires require a very homogeneous exit surface window. Typical applications are recessed, surface mounted and suspended office luminaires.


CertaFlux LED Square systems offers good product performance and functionality, with good quality of light, meeting market needs for basic lighting. The design of the LED module is backwards compatible and the LED pitch remains unchanged compared to the Fortimo LED Square 2500lm, enabling the OEM to have one luminaire design for both the high performance and cost oriented segment.

CertaFlux LED Square system

Availabilty information


We will produce CertaFlux LED Square on a make-to-order (MTO) and a make-to-stock (MTS) principle. 3000K and 4000K are MTS, 6500K is MTO. For un-forecasted orders, lead times may be up to 8 weeks. For forecasted orders (MTO) a lead time of up to 4 weeks applies, forecasted orders (MTS) will be delivered from stock within standard lead time.


CertaFlux LED Square in the color 830 and 840 are available in the sample webshop. Samples of the 865 version are available on request.


For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information

Timing date: 25 June 2016




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87186965 95862 00
CertaFlux LED Square 2500lm 830 HV/LV1
929001 5173 06
87186965 96180 00
CertaFlux LED Square 2500lm 840 HV/LV1
929001 5174 06
87186965 96241 00
CertaFlux LED Square 2500lm 865 HV/LV1