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New released indoor drivers

CertaDrive LED linear driver -  30W&40W fixed output

The CertaDrive LED driver 30W completes the CertaFlux LED Line systems proposition introduced beginning last year (see attachment). These systems are ideal for the replacement of fluorescent in high volume fixtures in the applications troffer, waterproof and battens.

Next to the system approach, these CertaDrive LED drivers 30W & 40W can be used for stand-alone driver sales to OEMs working with own LED boards. This can be done with these drivers in case A/V specifications match OEMs L2 requirements.

For OEMs having different A/V specification requirements than fast-lane derivatives are an option for volumes of 25K/driver/year.

Meanwhile life time specifications for CertaFlux LED lines are being improved to 50K hrs @ Tc nominal. See detail in updated commercial leaflet via link @ bottom of this announcement.

Philips OEM CertaDrive 49W 240mA

Availability and ordering information


These CertaDrive LED drivers are released as Make To Order (MTO) products.

For low quantities and first orders we have a sample stock available in the warehouse.

High quantities will have a lead time of ~12 weeks.


For more information, please contact your key account manager

Ordering information


Order your samples here


Timing date: January 30th 2015




9290 009 34806

8718291 99955300

CertaDrive 30W 350mA 82V 230V

9290 009 34906
8718291 99957700

CertaDrive 40W 240mA 160V 230V