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CertaDrive LED linear drivers


This combined CA/CR concerns the allocation of actual CertaDrive LED linear drivers from China to PILA. The allocation of these drivers will ensure a better and more flexible supply besides the commercial benefit of “Made in Poland”. In parallel of this production allocation we also finalized the Fast Lane Release (FLR) process of these LED linear.


Together with the L2WIN project of our LED boards we are now ready to develop customized boards/drivers/systems.


Instead of the operating windows we have for Xitanium LED drivers, we now defined ‘chassis’ that allow fast development, approbation and release of derived LED linear drivers. The CertaFlux/CertaDrive systems are ideal for the replacement of fluorescent in high volume fixtures in the applications troffer, waterproof and battens. Therefore minimum yearly volume is set @ 25K pcs/year to start FLR process for customized CertaDrive LED linear drivers.


Since product specifications are similar to actual drivers 12NC’s and EOC will remain the same.


Availabilty information


These CertaDrive LED drivers are released as Make To Stock (MTS) products and are available now


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Ordering information

Timing date: 22 June 2016




9290 009 74806
8718696 491744 00
CertaDrive 30W 330mA 82V 230V
9290 009 74906
8718696 491768 00
CertaDrive 40W 360mA 110V 230V
9290 009 75006
8718696 491782 00
CertaDrive 60W 360mA 170V 230V