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High-performance luminaires

Fortimo LED Line


Enabling design of high-performance linear LED luminaires


Fortimo LED Line systems are designed to produce pure white light for general lighting applications with high efficiency levels. The Fortimo LED Line portfolio consists of 3 main ranges of products, which have been differentiated by the number of rows of LEDs on the module. The range with 1 row of LEDs is identified with 1R, the range with 2 rows of LEDs is identified with 2R and the range with 3 rows of LEDs is identified with 3R. All ranges feature a variety of different length modules, lumen packages and colour temperatures.


The Fortimo LED Line 1R system, with 1 row of LEDs on the module, is ideal for applications requiring beam shaping and where light is intended to fall on a vertical surface, such as racking or shelves. The Fortimo LED Line 2R and 3R systems have been designed to produce high efficiency, pure white light, for general lighting applications where diffuse lighting on the horizontal plane is key. The range is ideal for incorporating into luminaires for use in general office lighting, where energy efficiency and glare control are of utmost importance.

Key benefits


  • State-of-the-art LED module efficiency of up to 165 lm/W
  • Long life-time: >50,000 hours
  • High color rendering (CRI >80 and >90)
  • Future proof
  • Excellent color consistency of 3 SDCM
  • Choice of color temperatures (3000 K, 4000 K and 5000 K)
  • Two lumen packages: 650 lm and 1100 lm per foot/280 mm
  • LED module range with 1, 2 or 3 rows of LEDs
  • Tunable lumen output, efficacy and lifetime
  • Push-in connectors enabling automated wiring
  • Five year system warranty

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