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Linear Lighting

LED Linear Lighting Solutions


Linear LED systems are the ideal solution for LED luminaires which traditionally would have been equipped with fluorescent tubes. Our Linear LED systems portfolio consists of two main brands, Fortimo and CertaFlux. Fortimo LED Linear encompasses a wide range, offering solutions for all the different types of luminaires. Fortimo equals an exceptional quality of light, the highest energy efficiency and lifetime and a five year system warranty.


While further improving the specification of our Fortimo range, we focus on offering the most cost efficient solution for linear LED lighting with our CertaFlux range. CertaFlux LED systems will enable you to achieve a luminaire sales price level to hit that sweet spot in market pricing and greatly increase LED penetration in the linear segment. CertaFlux LED Strip system offers good product performance and functionality, with good quality of light, meeting market needs for basic lighting.

Philips OEM Fortimo Linear Lighting

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