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InteGrade LED systems

InteGrade LED products can be aesthetically integrated into refrigerated cabinets, below or inside shelves. Here it delivers a uniform light distribution. The asymmetrical optics direct the light precisely where it is needed, thus making optimum use of the light generated and energy consumed. Enabling energy savings of up to 65% (10 W compared to a 28 W TL5 system), InteGrade LED offers excellent Total Cost of Ownership with attractive payback times.

Maximum flexibility, unlocking design constraints
InteGrade LED systems


Key benefits

  • Outstanding LED light performance for creating continuous lines of light with excellent color rendering index (CRI) up to 90. 
  • Maximum design flexibility thanks to a range of engine lengths, narrow beam fixture, choice of mounting (profiles and clips), a variety of color temperatures and an extensive accessory range.
  • True system approach with a wide range of driver options
  • Dimmable light
  • Five year system warranty 
  • Lifetime of 50,000 hours.
  • Energy savings of more than 54% (SA1) and 75% (SA2) compared to fluorescent lamps, 
  • Aesthetic integration of LED lighting; enables seamless light-lines with uniform light distribution
  • Easy to install

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