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Retail Display Lighting

Philips LED lighting for retail display lighting


Lighting products, brightening faces.

High customer satisfaction is important for your store. You want to create a shopping experience that fits with your brand values. The right lighting can provide a consistent and pleasant brand experience for customers throughout your store. 

Products in this family

The Philips InteGrade LED system gen 3 is optimized for shelf, canopy and vertical lighting for chillers and freezers in food retail stores and for shelf lighting in fashion retail stores. 

Discover how you can create ultimate merchandise visibility and attractiveness in your store.

Know how the Philips PrimeSet RDL 500, 510 help deliver sustainable & energy saving lighting solutions in freezers. View PrimeSet RDL 500/510 leaflet.
Discount and price-fighter retail chains focus on costs. They leverage purchasing power to deliver value, and the customer expects affordable prices and a functional shopping experience.  Know how CertaFlux RDL G1 system can support you to create this image.