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Selling light is about
mastering light quality

To recommend the best light quality for every application, a deep understanding of its attributes is essential. At Philips we break it down into three types of attributes.

What’s new in
the industry by Paul Nulty

As Lighting Designers, an important element of our work is the impact that the quality of light has on the built environment, and the emotional connection light facilitates between a person and their surroundings.

Lighting can enhance
the shopping experience

In today’s connected world, shopping has become a multilayered process. The Millennials, who grew up with 24/7 connectivity, orient themselves before going shopping, on the move and in the store. Retailers must adapt to this behavior, and personalize the customer experience.

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from design-in to delivery

At Philips we like to support you in all stages of your daily business. My Technology Portal, your personal link to our services, plays a growing role in realizing that goal.

Easy Design-in Tool

With Easy Design-in Tool you create the ideal LED configuration in a minute. It automatically calculates the consequences of your choices and helps you to easily manage the growing complexity of LED systems.

MultiOne configuration

With MultiOne configuration software, our intuitive tool, you can meet specific requirements of your customers with a limited portfolio of programmable devices.