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    Why are partnerships vital in creating customer value?

    May, 2017

    Philips Lighting is a trusted brand, and we bring Quality to the table with the widest range of lighting products.  The combination of over 125 years of experience, and industry leading levels of investment in innovation, results in products that meet the installer’s needs.  The importance of working with our Trade Channel partners is in delivering the crucial availability factor.  As we all know, Professional Installers are a hard pressed group, working to tight deadlines.  They often need immediate availability of product, and that is the vital role that Trade Channel Partners address.

    In addition to availability, Philips Lighting works with partners who can offer reliable guidance on product choice.  This is why we continues to invest in training our partners, it creates trust and value for installers, which in turn creates sustainable business.  These two elements of product expertise and immediate availability are often the key factors for customers making a purchase decision. 

    Working together across manufacturer, distributor and installer creates value that cannot be replicated individually, we each need to recognise the value that the others in the chain bring.  Where the combination of skills and expertise work as a team we move the decision making factors away from just price – the best decisions are made when we buy on value, not price.  Working with Philips Lighting is a great step on the journey to offering customers what they want, the best possible value.

    If you’re interested in learning more about how Philips creates value with Partnerships, then contact us here.

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