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    Making and ‘Sustaining’ a New Year’s Resolution

    January, 2017

    We all know the urgency of taking action to mitigate against climate change.  Indeed all governments know it too irrespective of their local leaning to momentum or inertia.


    Recent uncertainty and the changing political landscape have undoubtedly resulted in anxiety about future efforts to contain climate change across the globe. A great focus on economy over ecology has emerged but I would argue in many ways this doesn’t matter. Governments have already created a landscape that by regulation and incentives are for now at least sufficient for the baton of responsibility to be handed much more decisively to the businesses and individuals that make up our societies. Certainly Governments need to remain the vanguard of sustainability but via leadership by example and incentives perhaps more than by legislation.  In fact, ERP (Energy Rate Products Directive) in Europe and specifically for lighting in its next iteration as the New Single Lighting Regulations or SLR, are seen by some as more than adequate for now at least.


    It is therefore clear that the issue of sustainability cannot be tackled by policy alone; international business must also rise to the challenge. The buying decisions for energy using products should now be fully focused on sustainable options whether at home or at work. And of course one of the easiest and most effective changes is the simple switch to LED Lighting preferably with associated controls to maximise the energy savings, comfort and well-being that digital lighting affords. To help achieve more ambitious energy efficiency goals, in 2016, as a founding member of the UN’s Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Global Lighting Challenge, Philips Lighting committed to sell more than 2 billion energy efficient LED light points by 2020. Accomplishing this goal will translate to: energy savings of €12 billion; switching off 60 medium-sized power stations; or taking 20 million cars off the road.

    So if you only make one New Year’s Resolution, then take the lead on the environment and make sure the resolution ‘Sustains’ by choosing LED from Philips. 

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