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    Mission 2020 - Necessary, Desirable, Achievable

    April, 2017

    Have you heard of Mission 2020? For me it was just another buzzword until recently. I began to really understand its importance after hearing Christiana Figueres, Mission 2020 Convenor and guest speaker at The Crowd’s April Forum Event. As the former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC from 2010 to 2016, she played a key role in bringing 194 sovereign nations together to deliver the historic Paris Agreement on climate action and describes herself as “stubbornly optimistic.” 

    The positioning for Mission 2020 is clearly stated on the website, “Bending the curve of emissions by 2020 is the only way to limit global warming and ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals remain within our reach.”

    Heading home from the event, it was hard not to feel a greater sense of responsibility to do my part and encourage my network to engage with Mission 2020’s message that the key milestones on energy, infrastructure, transport, land use, industry and finance are indeed “necessary, desirable and achievable.”

    Mission 2020 - Necessary, Desirable, Achievable

    2020: Don’t Be Late, Mission 2020’s new video, highlights the critical importance of timing for climate action.  It’s reassuring that someone like Christiana is leading the charge, inspiring businesses and governments alike to take up the challenge, as both her optimism and sense of purpose are infectious. 

    Sustainability is a big part of Philips Lightings DNA and I feel inspired by how our Leadership team are striving to lead by example, collaborating with world leaders and energy ministers.  While there’s always room to do more, it’s great to see that we’re working hard to drive down carbon emissions in our operations and logistics and have committed to being 100% carbon neutral by 2020.

    What’s more, with 66% of the world’s current lighting still based on older inefficient technology and lighting itself representing 6% of Global CO2 emissions, this is an area crying out for attention. Consumers, business leaders and local authorities can all benefit from significant improvements in their energy efficiency through the switch to LED lighting.

    For more information on Philips Lighting’s commitment to sustainability, click here.

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