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    The Road to a Smart City


    May, 2017

    I recently attended a very interesting presentation by renowned Futurologist James Bellini at the official launch of the Philips DigiStreet / Service Tag / Smart Cities product suite, in which he discussed trends for 2030, disruptive technologies, smart living and big data shaping tomorrow’s world.


    It was a very thought-provoking session where my beliefs that “The future happens to other people” and “The future is a long way away” were challenged.  The future is actually happening now and is all around us – you just have to look at things differently!  Look, for example, at the explosion in Social Media which even 13 years ago was just starting to appear.  Neil Armstrong went to the moon with the computing power on his rocket which can now be found in the average washing machine!  Or the computing power contained on a modern Smart Phone, which exceeds all the computing power in the world back in 1969.  

    The Road to a Smart City

    Today 99% of things are not connected to the internet.  In our Hyper-connected future, tens of billions of units will be connected by 2030.  The IoT and Smart Cities are finally starting to happen, after being the subject of much talk and hype for the last few years and we are at the start of this mega trend so there will be some big opportunities for people and companies who embrace this!


    Only 2% of the 300M streetlights worldwide are currently connected.  This is expected to grow at 16% per year, rising to 30% by 2030.  Again, presenting massive opportunities!


    Outside of lighting, look out for the growth of vertical farming and 3D (and 4D) printing!


    We are now entering the 4th industrial revolution in which data will be the new money!  Interesting fact or scary prospect?  Probably both!


    To find out more, visit us during the Smart to Future Cities event on 17 -18 May.

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