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    May, 2017

    While LEDification in outdoor lighting is a growing trend, our customers (both Local Authorities and Contractors) often tell us that the maintenance of LED luminaires is more complex than for conventional luminaires.  


    The wide range of variations within LED luminaires, including multiple optics, lumen packages, LED boards and drive currents, contribute to this complexity. For effective asset management and maintenance, clear identification of each LED Luminaire is important throughout the process from design to manufacture, delivery and installation through to commissioning.  During any of these stages, it can be challenging to quickly and effectively identify and store all of the parameters that might be needed at a later stage.   Once installed, it can become even more difficult to have access to all of the necessary information.

    To cope with this challenging issue, some customer have created their own unique labelling systems to facilitate identification from the ground. 

    The great news is that with Philips Service tag labels, a unique QR based identification system, Local Authorities and Contractors no longer need to create their own system.  An easy to use identification system is now available on all next generation Philips luminaires.  Scanning the code gives you access to a complete database of information based upon the luminaire, from the family name to the number of LEDs, to the system power and much more. 


    At the installation phase, this means easy identification of the luminaire and onsite access to installation manuals and warranty registration. 


    During the maintenance period, if a fault occurs, the app aids in trouble shooting the problem, raising a warranty claim.  At the same time, it can identify any spare parts and suggest appropriate component replacements all from the bottom of the pole. 


    Taking this a step further, digital spare parts, such as the LED drivers, can be re-programmed to factory settings using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allowing reprogramming at the top of the pole without the need for power. 

    To provide an efficient maintenance system for the future, all of this data can be stored and linked to our current asset management systems.

    To learn more about how Philips Lighting Systems can help cities and local authorities manage their lighting assets more intelligently, please join me at HEN (Highway Electrical News) at Kempton Park Racecourse on 11th May or click here for more information on Philips Lighting Service tag.

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