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    See lighting asset management in a new light with Philips Service Tag


    April, 2017

    It seems like the pressure public sector budgets are under is constantly making headlines, with local authorities needing to do more with less and manage rising costs, such as energy and maintenance. Fortunately, we have found ways to begin tackling these challenges by moving to more energy efficient resources on one hand and more energy efficient devices on the other.

    Lighting in itself represents 15% of the worldwide electricity consumption. So, while energy providers have been working hard to address energy supply issues, Philips Lighting has been pioneering the LEDification drive in the lighting space to reduce lighting energy consumption by at least 50%.

    But it’s not all sunshine and roses - the superior LED technology comes at a higher initial investment and adds complexity to lighting asset management. While the future energy savings bring down the total cost of ownership of LED Luminaires, the number of parts in these luminaires and the speed of innovation in the LED lighting space can make repairs and spares parts maintenance a challenge.

    Today, many local authorities are struggling when it comes to identifying and repairing their LED Luminaire failures and maintaining the right type and level of spare parts. The larger the lighting asset base, the bigger the problem. At the same time, ensuring luminaires continue to function correctly is critical to a city’s safety, making it imperative for local authorities to detect and fix luminaire failures quickly and efficiently.

    See lighting asset management in a new light with Philips Service Tag

    In line with its ‘Empowering Cities’ drive, Philips Lighting has developed a unique QR code based luminaire identification app, Service Tag, which allows installers and local authorities to install and maintain their lighting assets with unparalleled ease, bringing operational efficiencies and further benefits to their LED upgrades.

    When used in combination with the Service tag app (now available to download on Google PlayStore) the Service tag labels, unique QR codes on each of Philips professional luminaires, allow lighting operators to get very detailed luminaire information at the point of installation.  This includes access to installation guidelines, troubleshooting and the Philips Spare Parts list.  It also facilitates the registration of luminaires and driver reprogramming, all in all, enabling future maintenance and repairs for lighting operators. 

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